Reply To: NZDJPY Weekly the second anyone?

Cristian Ravalli

Hi Daren,

Sounds like you have a very strict trading plan, I found that that’s very helpful, as it’s easier to collect data to improve your return. If one does too much discretionary, there is too much volatility in the returns.

Yep, I am already doing that. Right now I am working on getting some more trading capital in order to build up capital, as unfortunately, I stopped working too early and therefore my equity base isn’t massive, due to outgoing expenses every month (my kids to go private school). It seriously impacts the compounding effect. Just one point to consider in my view. It’s worth sticking it out a bit longer then one would want too.

Great to exchange with you.


ps: I made 50% on my account last year and am working on some options strategies right now too. It’s good to create some small additional gains that improve returns.

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