Reply To: Do We Have a Long-term FTSE Reversal?

Cristian Ravalli

Hey Daren,

Sorry to hear about the technical difficulties. I can completely relate to that. Only recently I had the same challenge, but as I’ve got a laptop and desktop it usually doesn’t create too much of a hassle.

To be honest, I see it the same as you on the FTSE. I personally have not made that many FTSE trades. I used to do more SPX and NQ.

The other thing I don’t like very much about Stocks and Indices is the gap risk. In this most recent year, because of lack of liquidity (thank you, regulators, for deleveraging the market), we’ve seen some nasty flash crashes. I don’t like that idea.

I might consider this on the monthly, just because of the summer period. Haven’t looked into it yet, but would possibly use a futures contract. Depending on whether they want to charge me for daily roll over on CFDs.

Haven’t yet looked into this properly but I promise I will when I got a minute to breathe. Which at the moment I haven’t.

Have a good day and thanks for posting. It’s nice to get some company and learn new things.


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