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Cristian Ravalli

Hey Daren,

Glad I could be of some help somewhat.

You see, that’s one of the reasons, I personally like to have several smaller trades on. That way, one can exercise two different ways of trade management and reduce exposure on just part of the position and stay in with one foot. That way you can trade both options on a trade. More passive and more aggressive.

Looks to me as gold might now finally be bouncing.

I am still in NZDUSD, I assume you move your stop below last week’s low, did you?

Still in EURJPY too, but will move stop below this week’s low. Which would worst case leave me with a slightly lower then 1R trade PNL on the whole of EURJPY.

Haven’t done my scan yet, but could be an interesting one this week.

Enjoy the weather and catch you on Sunday.


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