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Cristian Ravalli

Hey John,

Nice to hear from you and thank you for sharing your journey. I really appreciate it.

With my mindset right now, going through a divorce, I only trade on the weekly. I think the provides the best clarity to me and obviously the lows and highs to be broken are more significant. That gives me a bit more confidence.

Good stuff, I see you used MT4 for your screenshots. Is that the platform you trade on?

I love skiing, there is some fab skiing in colorado right? Where do you want to head next? NY or west coast. Personally, I love the west coast.

I live in England just outside London. Also, right now, not necessarily the best place in the world to be but we do get considerably more holidays than you. Which does make a big difference in terms of work-life balance.

My week is going ok so far, not too much time to look at markets, unfortunately, as preparing for court takes out a lot of your time of the day. Trading starting to improve again now, thankfully. It’s a challenge when the mindset isn’t quite there. That’s another reason I like this style of trading though it allows for the up and downs in life and you can still make money.

Hope you have a fab second part of the week. I do find, come Wednesday we usually seem to see the market moving a bit more. What’s your impression of Monday’s and Tuesday’s in the markets?

Happy Trading!

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