Your own personal journey

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    Cristian Ravalli

    Hey guys,

    Hope this finds you well.

    I’ve recently been thinking about what I would be doing differently if I could turn back the time, and as usual, there are quite a few things.

    While I think that a good mentoring and mentoring make sense if you would like to progress fast, I didn’t use my mentoring sessions wisely. When we first start off, we don’t really know that much and that also applies to quite a while after. Therefore, I would now, if I could turn back the time, prepare myself better with regards to the topic of interest. Not sure if any of you have read the book of Josh Kaufman called “The First 20 Hours” but it’s definitively worth a read.

    Anyway, I will tell you some more, if I get a reply to this post.

    Trade well!

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