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Market Insider MasterClass

Starts on: 28-07-2018 10 AM
Ends on: 29-07-2018 5 PM

Do you have an absolute passion for trading and a burning desire to trade at the highest level?

Have you always wondered how the hedge fund managers and bankers do it?

Ever wondered how you can make a killing beyond trading?

Have you always been curious about what makes successful traders tick?

Revealed for the first time in history, this “one-off” two-day course will reveal groundbreaking inside information that most brokerages, hedge funds, scam artists and lawyers pray you will never find out.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or simply finding your feet in the market, this 2-day cutting-edge learning programme will also rapidly accelerate your skills in becoming an industry expert in addition to advancing trading skills to meteoric heights.

Date 15th – 16th September 2018 

Location: Central London TBA

It will enable you to do the following

  • Set up your own home-based hedge fund without spending a fortune on unnecessary legal advice and infrastructure.
  • Learn how to get an astronomical interest rate return on your capital
  • Copy the very trades the big dogs and central banks trade
  • Beat banksters at their own game
  • Identify a  forex scam from a mile away
  • Always keep one step ahead of your broker
  • Discover the multiple alternative methods to grow your trading business
  • Save years of research and tens of thousands on getting this information elsewhere!
  • Master 6 strategies from beginning to end
  • Network with likeminded people

This master class will give you the unfair advantage. There is nothing like it in the market…until now!

Now valued at over: £5645, it’s taken:

  • 1540 days of field testing over 8 years
  • 96 months of live trading and research
  • 5 research trips to Asia and 2 to South Africa
  • 3 months working undercover
  • 8, 920 cups of black coffee without sugar

…to bring you the following – Over our two-day intensive accelerated learning workshop, here’s how you can benefit:

Home Hedge Fund™

So, you’ve got the strategy, the confidence and the results. So what?  Yes, you may think you’re a profitable and confident trader. But what next? Is your journey to financial markets mastery to stop at a dead end? – or are you dead set on taking your new skill-set to dizzy new heights – from retail trader – to fund manager. Why not? Perhaps you just do not what to do and when to do it. Or maybe it’s a transition that just seems too overwhelming and out of reach.

Well, now you can…all in this breakthrough chapter! This is the very module is the one many prop houses wish to have censured, as we reveal the key steps you can legally take to establish your own hedge-fund, big or small. In fact, we will reveal exactly how you able to start a hedge fund  with no absolutely no experience working for one… and operate it from the comfort of your own home! You will also be taught how to be remain compliant in the eyes of UK and EU law, and how to avoid the numerous pitfalls along the way. Yes, you will save yourself a fortune in legal advice and countless errors muddling through by yourself.

Central Bank Trade Copier™

How would you feel if you could trade on the very same side as the biggest players the market? Pretty good, I imagine. Well, what if you could trade with those big dogs who actually make the market? This core module will reveal the key steps you need to take in order to mimic the very trades the “big-guns” take… the world’s Central Banks. Not only will you be taught how to identify key levels the high-rolling participants throw money at, you will be taught exactly what you need to do to profit from them. With this strategy added to your arsenal, you will be trading with the smart money, but with breathtaking odds stacked dramatically in your favour. For every trade you take, you can enjoy the certainty of being on the same side at the most influential players in the market, and – of course – the profit potential that will come with this razor sharp edge.


On Steroids Formula™ for Your Trading Business

Any successful entrepreneur will tell you the key to their success is generating multiple revenue streams. Whether it’s Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki or Alan Sugar – this key unifying trait is no coincidence in being a key staple to their meteoric success in business.

How else can we make My Trading Account Ltd pay?  Well, apart from winning trades, the answer may surprise you.  In this cutting edge module, you will be taught three proven ways to generate residual income from your trading. Whether it’s generating a following online or starting up your own brokerage there are vaults of unclaimed dollars out there just waiting to be pocketed. You will be able to benefit from multiple revenue streams, expand your trading business and immediately benefit from residual income.

FX Scam Survival Guide™

They’re seductive, well crafted and, in many cases, believable. Forex scams are the very lies that play on our greed by promising easy money, fast. And guess what, they are everywhere. If you haven’t been lured in, chewed up and spat out – chances are you will know someone who has.

Now it’s payback! This module will expose- in detail – the many scams circulating marketplace today and yesterday, so you can erase your chances of falling victim, tomorrow. We will arm you with a hard-hitting insight into the tricks scammers typically use and the tell-tale signs of any scam, so that you will never become “fish bait” for those market sharks.

Whether it’s the classic con which is as old as the hills or a sophisticated, modern-day money-grabbing heist, this module you will ensure you are always two steps ahead of the scammer. Never again fall for that “magic bullet” expert adviser, so-called million dollar strategy… or even that “hidden glitch” which will be exposed to you if only you input in your Amex details….with this new knowledge, you will never buy alone. Yes, it’s the very information the scammer pray you never access…

The Carry Trade Advanced™

Imagine doubling, tripling or even quadrupling the rate of return you would normally get from your high street bank on your savings…except with this ground-breaking strategy, you will be given your interest every night on an amount leveraged up to 100% of the value of the deposit in your broker account.  It would seem too good to be true wouldn’t it? Well, it’s good and it’s true…but it’s not good to be true!

Welcome to the Carry Trade: your chance beat the bank manager at his own game. Once only the preserve of the closed doors banking elite you too can learn how you can immediately benefit from the powerful strategy in ways that most people simply cannot.  Your step by step guide will tell you exactly what you need to do to expose your capital to this income generating formula in a manner that is as low risk as it is easy to implement.

Imagine  your bank manager’s face when he tries to sell you a saving account with annual net interest rate of 2% and you calmly tell him: “No thanks – I’m in the carry trade!” It would be enough to swipe the smirk off their face, wouldn’t it?

Broker Expose™

They are the very people everyone love to hate. But we can’t do without them… and they definitely can’t do without us. There are good brokers and there are bad brokers. But how can we tell? With this game-changing tutorial, you will be taught the key pillars of how to select a “good” broker and how to keep them accountable at all times.

Thanks to our “industry insider” we are able to expose the hidden tricks brokers can use to raid your trading account while you sleep and the unethical practises some use to encourage you to trade for their gain.

In this module that robin Hood would be proud of, you will also be taught the hard hitting methods brokers employ to make their money, in many cases, at the expense of their clients! You will also learn the tell-tale signs that your broker is taking you for a ride…so that you will be able to take control and show your broker exactly whose boss.

Lazy Trading™ Strategies Unravelled

To create is effort, to copy is genius. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel and succumbing to the popular misconception that “more = more,” this segment will strip everything back down and go back to basics. It will fully demonstrate how simplicity in any trading strategy is key to long-term, lasting success – without the bells and whistles.

We will review all of our six core Lazy Trading strategies concisely, step-by-step, and apply them to the market in real-time so that you will leave the event with a notepad brimming with trade ideas and plans.

This will be your chance to personalise and stamp your mark on your trading by discovering which set-and-forget strategy works best for your psychology.

Battle Proof your Portfolio™ – Hedging

So you have a few fantastic trade set-ups with explosive profit potential – but are you prepared for the unexpected? You know, that worst case scenario that could come out to raid your trading account while your head is turned the other way? After all, anything could happen in the market at any time, right? With this staple module, you can make this a thing of the past. Master the art of hedging and arm yourself with the core skills to protect your portfolio from that bolt from the blue or “end of the world” event.

You will learn about how the many different markets influence each other and the exact steps you can take to protect your capital. You will be taught about correlated and uncorrelated markets, and – crucially- how you can make money if things don’t go to plan. Also, imagine a scenario where you lose 7 out of 10 trades…and still make an overall profit. This is possible and, yes, will be taught how to do this in this module.


Trader Zen™

What if you have the profitable strategy, the support of a mentor and trade ideas drip-fed into your mailbox… but you are still getting it wrong. Many of us have been there. But very few of us know how to correct it. There’s something wrong at a deeper level. So deep that most traders don’t even notice it, care or even know what to do.

What if you could reprogram your mind at a deep, subconscious level to emulate the beliefs and traits of consistently profitable traders?. With this cutting edge module, you will be taught powerful tactics which will let you immediately take control of your emotions so that you can maintain razor sharp judgement and a clear mind at all times. You will also be taught key trading affirmations, the power of reframing and the power of rationalising. This module will rapidly prove itself be the “missing link” in helping you to transform what is often experienced by many as a stressful and time consuming folly, into a peaceful and relaxing hobby.

Market Scan & Live Lazy Trading™

Time permitting, we will scour the markets together to see if there are any trading opportunities looming. We will draw up a watchlist and a firm rational behind every entry including the pros and cons behind every trade and what kind of risk appetite it would appeal to.

Course components are valued at: £5,645+ bundled together.

After the course you should be able to do the following:

  • Set up your own home-based hedge fund without spending a fortune on unnecessary legal advice and infrastructure.
  • Know how to get an astronomical interest rate return on your capital
  • Copy the trades the big dogs and central banks trade
  • Beat the banksters at their own game
  • Identify a forex scam from a mile away
  • Always keep one step ahead of your broker
  • Discover the multiple alternative methods to grow your trading business
  • Save tens of thousands on getting this information elsewhere!
  • Master 6 strategies
  • Network with likeminded people

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